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This article provides instructions on how to allow members on your Ultimate Member site to add and view Events.

Frontend posting screen

Installing & activating

The Ultimate Member Events Calendar extension requires The Events Calendar to function. First download and install The Events Calendar using the instructions on their site.

To add the Ultimate Member Events Calendar extension to your site, follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase and download plugin from here.
  2. Install the plugin by uploading it to your site by going to plugins > add new > upload plugin.
  3. On the upload plugin page click on the “choose file” button and select the pp-events.zip file from your computer.
  4. Once the file pp-events.zip appears on the screen click the “install now” button to install the plugin.
  5. Wait until “Plugin installed successfully” message appears.
  6. Activate your licence key by going to Settings > UM Events (at the bottom of the screen) and enter your license key in the provided area.

Settings page

After the plugin has been activated it can be further customised on the settings page under Settings > UM Events

The following settings can be set.


Profile Tab Settings

Nothing found text
Enter the text that should be displayed when a user has not created any events.

Roles that have events tab
Select the user roles that should have the Events tab.  If you want everyone to have the Events tab leave this field blank.

Roles that can view events
Select the user roles who can view Events on other members’ profile.  If you want everyone to be able to see everyone’s events leave this field blank. Note that these settings only apply to what is seen in the user profile and do not control the settings of The Events Calendar.

Tick this box if members should only be able to see their own events.


Event Creation Options

Roles that can create events
Select the user roles that should be able to create Events.  If you want everyone to be able to create Events leave this field blank.

Default new event status
Options available: Draft, Pending Review and Published. Select published if other’s should immediately be able to see the event. Otherwise use Draft or Pending Review if admins first need to approve the event.

Allow venue selection – new since 1.2
Tick the box to allow members to select a venue for the Event. Note that admins need to create the Venues under The Events Calendar settings. Events > Venues.

Event submission text
Enter the text that should appear after an event has been submitted.


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I have used ultimate member plugin in one of my project. I want functionality like event calendar. it is possible to Member Events Calendar event shortcode out side profile. can we add event shortcode in a page so user can add event on this page. I don’t need event from on profile. would you please let me know is it possible using ( Member Events Calendar) or can we customize it.please let me know as soon as possible .its very urgent.

Thank you
Rigal Patel

Can this plugin allow registered site visitors to add an event to the “regular” Event Calendar page… not just to the user’s profile? I would like the events, once approved, to appear on the calendar. I think my question is similar to the one posted above.


I’m wondering the same thing as the previous two people.
Can an ultimate member member post an event to Events calendar that is seen publicly by everyone else who visits the website?
I mean are all the events posted through your plugin going to appear on Events Calendar and be visible to everyone?

Yes, all the events posted/created through Ultimate Member Events Calendar plugin are actually stored as Events of “Events Calendar” plugin and appears publicly to be seen by everyone on Events Calendar. However, various privacy settings of the plugin “Events Calendar” & “UM Events Calendar” do apply to the visibility.

Thanks !


we are using the event calendar community events is there a way to add the community add event form instead of the add event form that there now

gr. danny

Hi Danny,

Currently, the form to add new event is constant and can’t be changed.


Can you set specific users to see specific events or just user roles?

For example, if I have 2 users that both have the “subscriber” role and I want user A to see the event but not user B could I do that?


Currently, this is not possible. However custom coding can be done to achieve the same. Thanks

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