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This article provides instructions on how to install and configure Ultimate Member Tabs Pro. The Pro version allows you to add any UM Form to a custom tab, which can be edited on the tab itself.

Custom form on custom tab (view mode)
The form can be edited on the same tab, exactly like on the main tab.
The form can be edited on the same tab, exactly like on the main tab.

Installing & activating

To add the Ultimate Member Tab Pro extension to your site, follow these instructions:

  1. Install Ultimate Member Profile Tabs from the WordPress.org repository, available here.
  2. Purchase and download this plugin from here.
  3. Install the plugin by uploading it to your site by going to plugins > add new > upload plugin.
  4. On the upload plugin page click on the “choose file” button and select the pp-tabs-pro.zip file from your computer.
  5. Once the file pp-tabs-pro.zip appears on the screen click the “install now” button to install the plugin.
  6. Wait until “Plugin installed successfully” message appears.
  7. Activate your licence key by going to Ultimate Member > Settings > Licenses and enter your license key next to Tabs Pro License Key. For Ultimate Member version 2.0 or more, go to Ultimate Member > Settings > UM Profile Tabs Pro and enter your license key.

Upgrade Notice 2.0.0

UM Tabs Pro version 2.0.0 is an overhaul of changes without backwards compliance to make the plugin compatible with the plugin “Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin”. Please take backup measures before upgrading.

Adding a custom form

  1. TabProFormSettingsFirst, you need to create a form using the Ultimate Member form builder. Go to Ultimate Member > Forms. You can add any fields just as you would with building the ‘main’ profile form.
  2. Next, you need to select the ‘Profile Tab’ template under the Template setting. See image on the right, under Customize this form. You may first need toggle the “Use global settings” toggle to No.
  3. You can play with the other settings as needed. Please note that since only the form will be output any settings related to the profile or cover photo will be ignored.
  4. Publish or Update the form.
  5. Copy the shortcode
  6. Paste the Shortcode in a new or existing profile tab and click update.
  7. That’s it!

Scroll down for instructions on adding a custom profile tab.

Profile Tab
Adding form shortcode to custom tab

Adding a custom profile tab

Please note that this functionality is provided by the free plugin Ultimate Member Profile Tabs, the pro plugin simply allows you to use UM Forms which can be edited in the same tab.

Adding a custom profile tab is just like creating a new post or page.

  1. Go to Ultimate Member > Profile Tabs
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Add any content
  4. Configure the privacy settings according to your needs. See screenshot below for all the available options.


UM 2.0 – Tabs Missing ?

Please make sure to check the privacy/display settings at “Ultimate Member” > “Settings” > “Appearance” > “Profile Menu”. Set the display option (“Who can see this tab?”) to “Anyone” and override through the privacy options at individual “Profile Tabs” meta settings.


Need support!! Please create a ticket here.



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Not totally sure I get it. You’re splitting up a users profile into separate forms? Could see that there might be some advantage to that… dividing different data into unique sections. Is that the goal of this? And even if there are three or more forms per user role, all of the data stays intact? (Meaning each individual form is connected to the user role/account?)

Hi Peter. Yes, that is the primary use of this plugin. We have worked with UM sites where the profile form becomes ridiculously large (50+ fields) and this plugin solves that problem. All the data is synced, yes.


I purchased the pro version and have inserted the UM form shortcode into the body of the profile tab as shown above. However, it only shows the original (first created) profile form in the tab without and not as an edit screen (after hitting the edit profile under settings (gear) on profile screen).

How can I get support?

To edit a form on a custom tab you must use the Edit button below the form. The gear edit menu is only associated with the main profile form on the main tab.

For more support you can open a support ticket on our contact page: https://plusplugins.com/contact/

I am using your normal version and wondering if this works for the following:

1. I have a multisite network using Ultimate Member
2. the issue is that Country field is UM native not WP meta field, so if I add that in site.com it will not appear in site.com/X, so my question, can i use this Pro version to create a tab in site.com/X that will show when I update country profile in site.com/? UM is very good but still has this major issue when it comes to multisite, myCRED uses a main template and log to store all information from a multisite, this is awesome and was hoping your pro version could help a workaround around meta data displayed.

Thank you,

Hi Jorge

We have not tested the plugin on a multisite and it only extends UM so I doubt that it would ‘fix’ any issues that UM has.


first of all, excuse me for my english .
Today I purchased your plugin.
I would like to have the possibilty to print the information contained into a profile tabs.
Is it possible ?

I purchased the tabs pro. I see the tabs on the profile when I’m on my computer, but not when I’m on my phone….reason for this?

Kindly select select the ‘Profile Tab’ template under the Template setting while creating the form. Thanks !

Hi Marcel, It is not compatible with UM 2.0 yet. We are in the process of making it fully compatible. Thanks

I just ordered Pro version. In description is says i have to active my license with a license key. Where can i find it?

Thanks for response

Hi Nicolas,
You must have got an email containing the license key and all the instructions needed for installation of the software.
Thanks !

Icon Changes for Tabs

This might be obvious but I dont know what to place into the
section that indicates which Icon Code to use, besides the basic Tab icon
“um-faicon-tags” –> Enter an icon code to appear on the tab.

Is there a list of Icons and their codes that I have missed?


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