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This article provides instructions on how to install and configure Ultimate Member Maps.


Installing & activating

To add the Ultimate Member Maps extension to your site, follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase and download this plugin from here.
  2. Install the plugin by uploading it to your site by going to plugins > add new > upload plugin.
  3. On the upload plugin page click on the “choose file” button and select the pp-maps.zip file from your computer.
  4. Once the file pp-maps.zip appears on the screen click the “install now” button to install the plugin.
  5. Wait until “Plugin installed successfully” message appears.
  6. Activate your licence key by going to Ultimate Member > Settings > Licenses and enter your license key next to Maps License Key.

Adding your first map

When starting with a new site

  1. Add a field to a UM Form where users can enter their address. Depending on your needs you can use the Map Address field, the country field or any number of custom fields. e.g. Address line 1, Address line 2, City, Zip, Country
  2. Go to Ultimate Member > Settings > Map and enter the meta_key(s) of the address fields you setup in step 1
  3. Go to Ultimate Member > Member Directories, click on the directory where you want the map to appear.
  4. Slide Enable Map to Yes.
  5. Choose the options you would like, or just use the defaults. See a list of options below. Update the directory.
  6. Add a user with a valid address
  7. That’s it! You should now see the user on the map on the directory page.


When you already have members with addresses

  1. Go to Ultimate Member > Settings > Map and enter the meta_key(s) of the address fields that are in use.
  2. Click on the Geocode all users in DB button. If you have a lot of users or if your server has short execution limits you can limit the number of users being geocoded in a session.
  3. Follow steps 3 – 5 in above list.
  4. Delete the user cache on Ultimate Member > Dashboard under the User Cache block.
  5. That’s it! There should now be a map with all your users on the directory page

Map Options



Output a members map on any page (without the directory) using the following shortcode [pp_maps]. The following parameters can be used:

  • roles: The slug of the user roles that should be displayed (one or more)
  • type: The map type: road, satellite, hybrid or terrain
  • icon: A custom icon to be used on the map, if a user role has an icon set in the user role settings that will be used, otherwise the default icon will be used.
  • fields: comma separated list of user fields that should be displayed in the info window (using the meta_key). E.g. ‘description’ is the meta_key for the user bio.
  • showavatar: 0 to NOT show the user profile pic in info window. Default is to show avatar.
  • maxzoom: Set maximum zoom level between 1 and 21 (smaller number allows for less zoom)
  • initialzoom: Set initial zoom level between 1 and 21 (smaller number allows for less zoom) or leave blank to fit map to pins
  • scroll: 0 to disable mouse scrolling on map
  • lat: Latitude to center the map on, e.g. -28. Must be used in conjunction with long
  • long: Longitude to center the map on, e.g. 153. Must be used in conjunction with lat

For example:

[pp_maps roles='member, admin' height='400' type='satellite' icon='http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/ms/micons/blue.png' fields='description' showavatar='1' maxzoom='16' initialzoom='6' scroll='0' lat='-28' long='153']

Other options

maps-user-settingsCustom icon per user role

If you have various user roles and want a global map with all users on, you can set a custom icon for each user role. Simply edit the User Roles and enter a URL to an icon under Map Options.



If you enable the map, but it is not displaying it is most likely, because there are no users with an address.

If there are users with addresses make sure that the address is ‘valid’ by checking whether Google Maps can find the address when searching for it on maps.google.com.

On the Maps Settings page, you can also use the bulk geocode function to see if the geocoding has failed or not.

On the Users page, there is a column which shows whether a user has been geocoded or not.

Another way to debug whether it is the geocoding that is not working or the map itself is to add two fields to the user form with the meta keys: geo_latitude and geo_longitude. These fields can be set to be only visible to admin. After editing and updating a user’s profile (with an address) the newly created geo fields should be populated. If it is not populated it could indicate that the geocoding did not work.

If the geocoding worked (i.e. the geo fields have values in them), but the map is still not appearing, there could be a conflict with another plugin or theme. Please check the debug console (F12 on most browsers).

The geo fields can also be used to manually adjust the exact location if google get’s it wrong.


Need support!! Please create a ticket here

Help & Support



25 responses... add one

How do I use this plugin to add an address field(s) to the ultimate member profile screens that the user can edit themselves? I do not have a custom field for address yet. I thought this plugin added that too. Thanks!

While adding fields you can find a field type saying “Map Address”. Use that to fill in user’s address and this plugin will fetch the lat, lng from Google API. Contact us if you still have doubts. Thanks

Adding fields where? Where do I find the ‘Map Address” field?

Can this field appear in the user’s view of their UM profile?

“This page is not loading properly view Google Maps JavaScript console for technical details”

Hi there,

Is it possible to not show the whole world, But just only the netherlands?

Kind regards.


“Add a field to a UM Form where users can enter their address”

We have to use your pluging UM Form or another form pluging is good ?

Thanks. Best regards.

Any update on if you can make the view start on a specific country?
I would like to only have it focus on Denmark.


You can set the lat, lng of Denmark in the Map Centre Latitude & Map Centre Longitude in the Maps Options in the settings.

I have custom selected field something like “class a , class b , class c” (member has to selected one.)
so it’s can display different marker on map by select field above?

and it’s can custom filter by separate address field town / city / province ?

Is it possible to show the map on the users page also, where only that address is visible?

Kind regards,

Hi Debby,

You can use the map shortcode inside any page, however it won’t display specific address rather it will display as per specific user role.



Ultimate member 2.0 coming out. Do you have planified to update your plugins soon ?

Thanks. Best regards

Current version of this plugin is not compatible with UM 2.0 yet. We are in the process of making it compatible with UM 2.0, however there isn’t an ETA on this.

Please contact us at https://www.plusplugins.com/contact/ if you have any helpful suggestions to make this plugin compatible with UM 2.0 .

Thanks !

I am waiting to receive a reply through the contact form on your website. But I raise them again here because I’m interested in buying as soon as possible.

1. Can you edit the style of the map that is displayed by default from Google Maps with the colors you want and eliminating extra information and other places?
For example: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/styling?hl=en-419
2. Can the desired size be given for example 100% x 400px?

Thank you

Currently this is not available. However, custom coding can be done to achieve the above. Thanks

Hi All,
map does work in the members directory for me, but it fails to work, when I insert it as a short code. here is my short code:
[pp_maps roles=’student’ height=’400′ type=’terrain’ icon=’https://maps.google.com/mapfiles/ms/micons/blue.png’ fields=’country’ showavatar=’0′ maxzoom=’16’ initialzoom=’6′ scroll=’0′]

do you have any suggestions?

Please check if the shortcode works by removing various attributes of it.

Is there way to search by proximity to a zip code or city name on the member directory?

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