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This article provides instructions on how to add a contact form to member profiles on your Ultimate Member site.

Output in user profile
Output in user profile


Installing & activating

To add the Ultimate Member Contact Form extension to your site, follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase and download plugin from here.
  2. Install the plugin by uploading it to your site by going to plugins > add new > upload plugin.
  3. On the upload plugin page click on the “choose file” button and select the pp-contact.zip file from your computer.
  4. Once the file pp-contact.zip appears on the screen click the “install now” button to install the plugin.
  5. Wait until “Plugin installed successfully” message appears.
  6. Activate your licence key by going to Ultimate Member > Settings > Licenses and enter your license key next to Contact Form Licence Key.

Settings page

After the plugin has been activated it can be further customised on the settings page under Ultimate Member > Contact Form

Contact Form settings page
Contact Form settings page

The following settings can be set.

Roles with contact form:
Select the user roles that should get a contact form. A new tab will be added to their profile bar.

Roles that can use contact form:
Select the user roles that can see and use the contact form.  If you want everyone to see the contact form including logged-out visitors leave this field blank.

Enable reCAPTCHA
Choose whether you want to show the Google reCAPTCHA spam blocker field.  This, however, requires the free UM reCAPTCHA plugin to be installed and configured.

Email Options

Enable email
This should most probably be set to Yes for normal behaviour.

Email subject
Type the email subject. The following tags may be used to dynamically insert content: {sitename}, {display_name}, {sender_name}, {sender_email}, {message}.
For example: {sender_name} just messaged you from {sitename}

Email body
Type the text that should appear in the email. The following tags may be used to dynamically insert content: {sitename}, {display_name}, {sender_name}, {sender_email}, {message}.

Additional Options

Members can choose whether the contact form should be displayed on their profile or not. This is set from their own account settings under the Privacy tab. The privacy tab must thus be enabled in Ultimate Member for members to be able to control this.


You can also add a contact button to member cards in specific directories. Simply tick the box under Contact Form in the directory editor.

Contact button in directory



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