Our new plugin adds a critical UX improvement to Ultimate Member

We’ve just released our latest plugin – Ultimate Member Tabs Pro.

As with all our other plugins the need for this one arose from using UM ourselves. And one of the biggest user experience issues we’ve had is that UM forces you to add all user fields in one big form in the main profile tab.

Like me, you’ve probably also tried embedding a UM Form into a custom profile tab and found it doesn’t work, as the “form” actually contains the entire profile. So adding a profile shortcode into a custom tab creates an infinite loop. For quite a while we just ignored this issue and accepted that that’s just how UM works.

Until my colleague Hugo mentioned this issue a few days ago and I realized that this problem can be solved with our Ultimate Member Tabs plugin and a custom form template. The result is a critical UX improvement to UM and we’ve already installed this plugin on our managed UM sites to amazing feedback.

And just because we’re so happy to have solved this problem, here’s a 30% discount code valid for the first three users for Ultimate Member Tabs Pro: tabsprolaunch

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