November Updates – UM Community, Events Calendar & Bitcoin

Quite a lot happened in November at PlusPlugins.

Our sales were slowing a bit and I decided to try and reach our probable buyers in a more direct way. I took to the Ultimate Member site and sent private messages to many of users, offering them a discount on our Ultimate Member Maps plugin. It worked and our sales received quite a boost. I also had many interesting discussions with the UM community. However, one person was unhappy and viewed the message as spam, reporting us to the admins of UM.

They asked me to not send similar messages in the future, and also asked us to move our UM Community Forum (which we were running on to a new domain, as apparently it confused users.

In my response I asked them how they suggest I contact the UM community in another way, as they closed the forums on their site a few weeks ago. Apparently they’re working on a new community platform that will facilitate discussions around UM, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

In the end we value a good relationship with the UM team and we obliged. The forum is now running over at

During my discussion with users on the UM site, I found that many where looking for a way to integrate events into their membership. The result is that our third UM plugin is now available – Ultimate Member Events Calendar.

Finally, we also added a new payment option: Bitcoin. So if you have a few of those laying around and would like to extend your UM site, use the following discount code on our site (valid for the next week): bitcoin10

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