Ultimate Member Extensions Bundle

The Ultimate Member extensions bundle is best and affordable way to get access to all Ultimate Member extensions + all future extensions we will build in future.

What’s included?

Ultimate Member Maps

Ultimate Member Tabs Pro

Ultimate Member Contact Form

Ultimate Member Events Calendar

Ultimate Member ITI

Ultimate Member – Age Range

Ultimate Member Bulk Messaging


How many sites can I use these extensions on? 

This bundle allows you to use our PP Extensions on as many sites as you like, providing you with maximum flexibility now and in the future.

Support & updates

Support and updates for all extensions included in this bundle are given for one year after purchase. If you wish to continue getting support or updates after one year, you can either renew the entire bundle or renew license keys for individual extensions. Renewal licenses come with a 30% discount. You will get access to any new extensions we release for 1 year after purchase.

Are refunds offered on the bundle?
No, bundle purchases cannot be refunded. The purchase of this bundle is guaranteed to provide a substantial value and so is also at a much more significant cost to us. We expect you to fully understand what you are purchasing and to also be completely comfortable.

Bundle Price

The bundle is subject to price changes and will become more expensive in the future as more extensions are added to the bundle.