Announcing Ultimate Member Tabs – easily add custom profile tabs

We’re glad to announce another Ultimate Member plugin today, and it’s one we believe will make the power of UM more accessible to non-coders.

Our plugin addresses an issue that we’ve seen countless times on the UM forums – how to add a custom profile tab. Adding a custom tab is now as easy as creating a post. You can choose a custom icon, add privacy options and display any content (we’ve also created a shortcode to help you with this).

We’ve created quite a few UM sites in the past few months, and every single time we’ve needed to add profile tabs to organize user content in an intuitive way. For example, we’ve used it to:

  • Show members of a deal site all the deals they’ve added and joined
  • Show a school all their learners
  • Display Facebook and Twitter feeds of users
  • Give users access to custom actions such as sending bulk messages through the UM Messaging plugin

This is a free plugin. Feel free to contribute on our Github page. Feedback and feature suggestions are welcome!

We’ve submitted the plugin to the WordPress plugin repository, but it hasn’t been added yet. Until then, you can download the plugin (and view more details) here.


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Hi, no the plugin does not allow you to rename the existing (default) tabs, but it can be done. I think a quick search on the site might yield some results.

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