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This plugin integrates The Events Calendar with Ultimate Member. It adds a custom tab to your UM Profiles, listing the events that the user has added.

Starting at: $19.99

Easily add a map to your Ultimate Member directories. This plugin integrates seamlessly with Ultimate Member and allows you to add a customizable map to any Ultimate Member directory.

Starting at: $19.99

Add a contact form so that users and visitors can contact members on your site via email without exposing their private details. This plugin is perfect for business listing sites where visitors want to be…

Starting at: $19.99

Add custom forms to any profile tab and allow users to edit it on the same tab. This plugin extends the functionality of the popular free Ultimate Member Tabs plugin.

Starting at: $29.99

Input masking for telephone numbers. Validate user input so that your database of user contact details is valid and useable in your online community built on top of Ultimate Member.

Starting at: $19.99

PlusPlugins offers professional consultation, development, maintenance, support and troubleshooting as needed for your WordPress websites.

Starting at: $299.99

Ultimate Member helps you build a community. A community is all about being linked. This plugin allows you to link users to other users, as well as post types and taxonomies.

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Please note that this plugin is now available in the WordPress plugin repository and can no longer be downloaded from this website. Easily add custom profile tabs to your Ultimate Member site For each custom…

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